SEO 3 C's

Sailing the 3 C’s of SEO

When attempting to break down the components of SEO, you'll quickly find that everyone has their own spin on the subject. At Opus Media, we too have our own way of simplifying SEO into 3 main factors we call the 3 C's of SEO:

Code, Content, and Community

  • Code – How your website’s code is constructed will influence how your sites information is interpreted by Search Engines
  • Content – The information contained within your website will determine what key terms your site ranks
  • Community – How other websites perceive the value of your content will determine to a greater extent it's importance and relevance

We find these three terms to be the simplest way to breakdown the key factors of SEO, as each is a building block upon the next in how your site's Search Engine performance will be determined. Properly formatted website development and code structuring will ensure search engines infer the intended information in your website properly. Build Great Content - is the only true bit of advise that Google provides on the subject of how to bolster your SEO, and frankly no one wants to read something that's not entertaining/relevant/helpful/well thought-out. Building inbound links from the community of the web is arguably the most challenging component, as well as the most beneficial. If an expert website refers to your content as a reputable source, then your search engine reputation (rankings) are "endorsed for promotion".


Building great websites that help your business get found online are at the core of what Opus Media looks to accomplish with every website revitalization project. Ongoing SEO is a big part of how to take your new website and continue to build it into a more effective marketing tool.


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